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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Please Don't Sneeze How To Stay Away From Fire The Animal Tales Collection Bedtime & Dreams by Sigal Adler

Book Description

 January 17, 2014
The Animal Tales Collection Bedtime & Dreams
Please Don't Sneeze We all know that children are very curious about fire. THIS story is full with colorful creatures and flowing with humor bring a clear message about the danger of fire. The pictures are so cute and imaginative for young ones. It's hard to keep kids captivated, but this book does it making it fun with rhyme, color, and an adorable main character that is easy to Adore. Most importantly it offers toddlers a perspective that they have choices with regards to their health. This is an important message and at the right age. It's a sweet book to snuggle up to with your children anytime Don't forget to Get your  FREE
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Sigal Adler is an Israeli children's author with a refreshing, rhythmic writing style.
The combination of catchy rhymes spiced with humor and an ethical message appeals to the hearts of children.
Originally published in Hebrew, Sigal's books quickly became
best-sellers in Israel. She has recently begun translating her work into
English so as to reach and delight a new audience.
We hope you have an enjoyable reading experience!

Editorial Reviews

This is a delightful book for young children. It is entertaining with wonderful illustrations. It makes young readers want to continue until the end. It has a moral that children can relate to. I know this as I am a kindergarten teacher and I can tell what appeals to this age group. I would love to see this book stocked in early childhood classrooms.

Review from Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Sneeze If You Dare! January 19, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
I loved this book! With beautiful illustrations and a story plot that comes with rhyming, this is going to be one read kids are just going to eat up, just like Hokey eats everything up!

This is going to be one read your kids will be putting on the list to read over and over. It's great for beginner readers too, and if you haven't grabbed your copy, or downloaded for your kids on their tablets or Kindle, then go. Right now. You won't regret it.

Well done Ms. Adler. Well done.


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