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Do you have a new release or book promotion you’d love to celebrate?

Facebook parties are a great way to gather the crowd and celebrate your book.

Great For – New Releases, Special Events, Holiday Book Sales, Kindle Free Days, & More!


We’ll Take Your Book For A Ride!


2 Hour Facebook Party

-Includes Custom Banner
-Promotional Banner
-Game Planning Appropriate For Your Book
-Party Promotion & Social Media Blasts
-Party Moderation


Add Live Streaming Music & Virtual Cocktails (Full Menu)
1 Free Jack & Coke on the House!


Debut Novel Release Launch Party

-1-2 Live Radio Interviews
- 2 Guest Appearances on Blogs
- 10 Book Purchases ($.99 – $2.99)
- 10 Book Reviews Promoted to Blog & Amazon
- 2 Hour Facebook Party
- Custom Banner Ad
- Includes Live Streaming Music & Virtual Cocktails

Bonus – One Month Social Media Blast (Creative Tweets & FB Status Updates to over 100,000 Viewers)

If you’d like a party more than 2 hours, please let us know and we can negotiate a price.
Contact us today for details -


Social Media Management

-1 Month of Management of your Facebook & Twitter Accounts
-Includes Facebook Fan Page Creation and Setup
-About Me’s
-Creative Daily Tweets & Status Updates To Your Fans/Followers


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